Why Funk Bros. Auto ?

If you're looking for a straight forward auto repair experience in Hollywood and where a auto repair shop shows you the parts replaced, explains the repairs needed, the price quoted is the price you pay and understand that the cheapest part is not always in your, your cars or your wallets best interests, then we need to talk.


Since 1925, Funk Brothers Automotive Inc has strived to provide the best service, repair and the most bang for your buck with quality parts that last along with service that cannot be beat. We know how important a reliable car is. From Classic car restoration to newer European cars, that require the latest diagnostics, we have the tools, training and experience to handle all your auto repair and collision needs. If we wouldn't install it on our cars, we wont install it in yours.


At Funk Brothers auto our average technician years of experience is 23 years. You can rest assure that when we tell you we can fix it its probably because we have before.  Unlike some facilities that learn on your car as they go. Rest assure, we have the tools, knowledge and experince that you can rely on.


We run a completely transparent shop with no walls or hidden areas and where you can discuss your car with the actual mechanic that will be addressing your repairs. Your car will never be taken around the corner and unless being test driven, will always be in our possession at our 11,000 sq ft secure facility. We will get you on the road quicker with 90% of cars being repaired the same day they come in. Competitive upfront pricing on repairs with no hidden fees and with one of the best warranties in place. 






Meet your Team

We work on a first come first serve basis, so you are always welcome to drop of your car at any time.  


We usually complete most repairs within 24 hours and we will notify you of work needed and cost of repairs within hours of drop off.


Call us today at 323-466-3396 

*Before 9am is best for drop offs

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With 25 years of automotive experience and at Funk Bros. Auto since 1999, Zohrab has the knowledge and experience needed to troubleshoot and repair electrical, mechanical and maintenance needs of your car.


With a passion of rally cars and at one point being a mechanic for the Subaru rally team, Zohrab understands the importance of quick and reliable repairs to get your car on the road quickly and efficiently. 



In the Auto Repair industry for over 50 years, Peter has the unparalleled knowledge and experience that is rarely found today in the auto repair industry.


When dealing with Peter, one of the first things you will discover is his enthusiasm and willingness to answer all your questions and provide auto repair insight on what your car needs, what the parts do and if you can budget the repairs for a later date. Prioritizing the repairs is key to saving the customer money and no pressure approach is key to our success that he established 50 years ago.


Before starting his own business in the 70's, Peter was a dealer/manufacturer trained master mechanic and received many dealer/ manufacturer awards and eventually the position of master mechanic. He was ultimately given the responsibility to run a major manufacturers service department before starting his own business.

With 28 years of experience at a local national tire chain, rest assure  JR has the experience and training to help you with your cars tire, suspension, alignment, maintenance and service needs.


More importantly with a positive attitude and smile on his face day in and day out, you will know the service he is providing for you and to your car is with great pleasure.


Recommendations and estimations provided by Funk Brothers Automotive inc. are based on assumptions and limited information provided by the customer and/or having possession of customer vehicle for a limited time and might not be accurate or complete. Multiple visits and repairs might be required. It’s always safest to tow the vehicle in if not sure if the vehicle is safe to drive and to prevent further damage.